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We offer a full service solution for all digital marketing needs. NextWave Social offers social media management on Facebook and Instagram, Facebook advertisements, search engine optimization, and web development on multiple platforms.

Rooted in social media, NextWave has managed business pages and Facebook ads from the start. Our SEO and web design capabilities are growing rapidly and our portfolio and success rate is expanding.

Social Media

Gain More Followers

Getting more followers will help you increase your brand awareness and give you more organic reach to promote new offerings or services within your company.

Engage Your Audience

More positive responses such as likes, comments, and shares from your follower community will keep customers interested in your brand and encourage them to continually buy from you.

Website Traffic

When people come to your website, you are much more likely to get a new lead or make a sale. We can generate posts that drive users to your website for more information about your products.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Cost Effective, Data-Driven Advertising

Social media advertising gives you the most value for your money out of any form of marketing on the planet! On average you can spend $5 to reach 1,000 people who are actually interested in your product. Using Facebook’s data and your customer lists, you can target to audiences most likely to convert into sales and leads. Once you start running your ads, you can split test and analyze the metrics of which audiences and advertisements performed the best and tailor ad strategies to fit them.

SEO Services


Rank Higher in Search

Our SEO strategies are proven to help you rank higher in search. We’ve analyzed the top factors to help your site rank and have implemented ways to make sure you outrank your competitors. 

Site Analysis

We use keyword analysis to help you improve your website for relevant searches. We’ll execute strategies to give you better content, site mapping, architecture, and much more!

Link Building

Google has placed a strong emphasis on getting backlinks to strengthen your SEO. We’ll analyze websites with the highest domain authority and get your site featured on their page.

Website Development

Step 1: Choose the Platform

Depending on what you want, we’ll offer recommendations and analysis on which website builders are best for you. WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix, we’ll help you choose the right fit.

Step 2: Website Design

We use professional design softwware to build a prototype for your website that is clean and professional. If you’re not happy, we’ll redesign and rebuild until you love your website!

Step 3: Web Development

We have a professional on staff who has experience creating dozens of beautiful, functional, and cleanly developed websites. We can customize just the way you want.

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